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Fr. Edmundo Valera, Ph.D.


Following the guidelines of the Diocese of Pueblo, our Confirmation program is a two-year program with the possibility of an additional year of pre-Confirmation before starting the two-year program, depending on the student’s ACRE (Assessment of Catechesis Religious Education) test results. The program may begin during a student’s freshman year of High School. In this diocese, students must be at least 16 years old to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. Confirmation class meets on Sunday evenings every week religious education is in session. Confirmation preparation includes catechetical instruction, service hour requirements, and retreats. With the help of his/her sponsor, students work towards proficiency of the basic teachings of the Catholic Church and to an understanding of what it means to be fully initiated in the Catholic Church.

All High school students wishing to enter Confirmation this fall will be asked to take a placement test.

(called the ACRE test)

Students who do not take the ACRE will be required to enroll in pre-Confirmation.

For those who need to catch up with basic knowledge about our Catholic faith prior to Confirmation, they will enter into a pre-Confirmation class called, “Foundations of the Catholic Faith.” This will ensure that the students have a similar base of knowledge when they enter in to the first year of Confirmation preparation.